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Today I waited very late to post.  I had a very exciting and busy day.  Sorry for the late post.  Hope everyone is well today (when you are reading this).  Today my theme is Prayers & Smiles.

Today’s Scripture

Proverbs 6: Entire Chapter

Sometimes you just never know what people are going through.  Then there are times that we shouldn’t worry about petty things that naturally happen between people.  It was on my heart to discuss this.  We often find ourselves judging other based on our moods.  Don’t always assume that someone is feeling their 100% best.  If you sincerely mean it, ask them how are they doing.  Embrace someone. You never know how much encouragement you just gave the individual by offering a simple and kind action.  I learned a smile goes a long way than a pouting mouth or bad body language.  I have my days when I pout, lol. However, I remember that that energy needs not to last for the sake of a blessing to take place.  When was the last time you embraced your enemy? Your mother? Father? Sister? Brother? And the list goes on.  Embrace someone today.  Guaranteed it will lift your spirits as well as the other person’s spirits.

Praying and smiling does the heart, soul and mind well.  A simple thank you to God will brighten your day and remind you that things work together for happiness.  Take time to discover what makes you happy.  Find out what unlocks the door to happiness.  God wants us to be happy! Pray and get out there and smile!

Today my song entitled Diggin’ This was accepted and played tonight on another Internet Radio Station.  I was featured and warmly introduced to the live audience.   I received so much love and will be collaborating with some people to perform showcases for their companies. No thank you to me , but to God and my mother.  Let me find out my mother might be one of my managers, lol.   She was the one who pushed me to try out for a spot on the station.  Yesterday I started out with one connect and now I have six connects.  Internet Radio Stations are blowing up everywhere with millions of listeners ( check the statistics by researching).  I am picking up the pace with preparation thus far.  I also had the opportunity to collab with some other Djs today as well.  🙂 Pray, set aside yourself and put God first and let him do the rest.


Note: I will list my other 12 vows shortly.♥