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Grab a notebook and begin writing down your goals.  This is the time to begin to evaluate what you want to see done in your life.  Make it personal, customize it, color it, etc..


Today’s Scripture

Proverbs 7: Entire Chapter

Tomorrow is my first day of  modeling school. Wow! I am really excited about this.  I am definitely looking forward to meeting other aspiring models as well.  I personally met with the director of admissions and she really complimented me on my poise, style and character.  She was ecstatic to learn of my on-line project and emphasized, I am “gonna really get the best out of the modeling realm upon completion of school and my project.  I will tell you guys/gals all about it.  I am discussing it because this is a goal I am willing to reach with all my effort.  This summer is dedicated to nutrition for my soul and mind, my physical body and my inner and outer beauty.  Pick a section you’d like to work on and share it with someone you trust.  I am more than open to hearing about your experiences.  Sometimes you never know how you can connect to other people’s experience in life. 🙂

Side Note: Everyone wants to hear about Mr. Devon  Carrington (NO LONGER ALLEN KING). This is the romance story I promise I will tell you guys all about.  I’ve changed his name, but my name in the story will remain the same.  Devon  and I spoke to each other yesterday (March 24, 2009) and it’s amazing how it feels as if I am pulled back into time when hearing his voice everytime we speak.  Allen and I met in July 2003 in another country.  While on the phone, he told me before I even asked him that I should go public about our story.  Then he mentioned something I always playfully thought about: “Ches, dear, write a book.”  I think we’re getting somewhere with this story…hmmm 🙂
Please keep in mind Devon  and I are not a pair as we live in two different worlds/countries.  This is a remarkable/romantic story to remind you all that love is real and it is imperative that we all get to experience this in our lifetimes. I am not completely sure when I will start writing as I would need to have it copy-written before putting it out there.  In this blog of mine, I will still tell the story in a shortened form.

Have a an awesome and blessed day!!