124Over the last couple of months, I’ve received so many positive comments regarding my journey and blog updates. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because you all spoke, I am continuing my 124  journey with a similar focus, but new and interesting discoveries.  This blog does not serve the purpose of self-pride or bragging rights.  I speak from my heart, and you all will take my experiences, often relating to or finding a correlation between us.  That is my purpose.  As I discover new levels of faith, favor and even obstacles, you will do so as well.  That is the process of reaping God’s blessings. No, our paths are not the same, but we share a similar story; finding the right way!   I’d like to reiterate the #1  vow every man and woman should keep. Respect your mind, body and soul.  This is #1 because it is the hardest vow that requires consistent and dilligent dedication. To be quite plainspoken, my obstacles came at me full force as soon as my 124 day project ended ( July 16, 2009).  This revelation tells me, it is a requisite -or rather a command- to maintain your morals and your common ground. As I rambled on several times about this matter, I cannot emphasize it enough: WE ALL FALL DOWN- For a saint falls seven times before he arises to the top of the situation we call life.  There is no room for regret. Time is too short, and this is why I ask all of you to engage in the 124 project, applying factors that best relate to you!