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Is it wrong to want love reciprocated back to you? Should I feel disrespected if I am not someone’s concern when I need to talk?

I’m a big attention/love receiver when it comes to my circle. I like when they check on me to see how I am doing or just to send over well wishes for a productive day, or even when one of my homies say: ” I love that track you did!” These statements mean so much to me. Or let’s switch the scene. How about you receiving a phone call everyday from your special someone/husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.?  He/she’s just calling to tell you how much you are appreciated and loved. Or what about a a random gift giving frenzy throughout the year just to say I love you for who God has made you to be?  I am sure your heart has officially warmed up after reading a few lines.  Communication/Interaction between human beings is priceless and creates close to one of  the best feelings in the world. However, when we depend too much on someone else or on others to love us how we’d want to be loved can often develop into one of the worst feelings in the world.  God didn’t design us to reap and sow 100% dedication to one another as that is impossible. Expect people to be unreliable at any given point, but that doesn’t mean that the friendship/relationship/bond is not legit. It simply means dedicate and commit yourself first and foremost to God. He is our main source for love. He is our primary fountain of encouragement. He’s the one who will provide for you  more than any living human being. We must understand that the most one can only give is (if you are around good people) is 80%.  This means that you must make room within your heart to embrace the times when you may feel abandoned by them. Sometimes people have so much on their minds or they’re carrying the world on their shoulders , that they may not have the mental and emotional capacity to be there for you when you request. This is why God says walk with me in all that you do and let me love you as I created you with purpose. When we interact with others in this lifetime, create  a balance where you know where the love really can be found 24 hrs a day; that is within God.  If you have any anonymous questions you’d like to ask, ask me on http://www.formspring.me/cheszerae.

Love and Blessings to all eyes who see and ears that have heard.