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How is everyone feeling today? Can you all believe we are all almost into mid year of 2010? I wanted to update everyone on my current decisions and new lifestyle. I brought a new bike although I haven’t named him yet! I am very excited because I always wanted to invest in a bike during my young adult years. I did exactly that with no one’s help except God. It was a pretty penny, but it was worth it.  So what’s this all about? Well I am starting another project. It’s not fully formulated and mapped out, but it is very similar to my 124 Day project ( See entries from last year by using the calendar above).   Today is day 2 and I am excited about it. Some will support me and others will be cut off. That’s how the seasons work in life!

Yesterday, I ran with my workout buddy a mile and a quarter along with several laps of walking. We feel accomplished and this is an activity I can see after a month will produce CRAZY HOTT results. Get a partner! Two is always better than one. You all are welcomed to keep up with my project as I would love for you to make a plan to start for yourselves. Let’s take care of ourselves! A great track to start at if you are in New York City is Riverbank State Park. Eating plans, mental plans, social plans all will affect my project for the better. (TBA)

So bare with me as I may post random subjects, but I guarantee they will speak to your life in many ways. I am free not bound by anyone, anything and I am only committed to what’s reciprocated. Some won’t approve, but since when were you under another human being’s control?  Remember you are FREE and God made you that way.

Explore your options in life.

Don’t settle for less, I stopped 🙂

Love, ChesZerae