Wow! It’s already been 7 days! I am still in awe of the hard work I’ve invested into this program. I’ll be very honest: P90X is no JOKE when it comes to starting out. I have not mastered all of the exercises,  especially Yoga. If there’s one workout I’ve got to adjust my mindset and attitude for, it is Yoga!!!!!!!!! Not the easiest workout at ALL!  I actually prayed before doing that specific workout as I don’t want any uninviting spirits entering my home or within me. I feel incredibly energetic and more confident. I think I give off that vibe when I am walking around or surrounded by others.  I love being full-figured, but I don’t want to be plus sized nor physically unfit anymore. My goal size in women’s is to be a size 8-10,  and 165-180lbs with less than 20% body fat – which is full-figured, but not plus-size.  I believe my body type would be more comfortable in this size range, and not to say how I’d be flattering on a TV screen, lol!   These are my  main reasons for committing to this regimen. How are my eating habits? I am doing fairly well when it comes to vegetable intake. I want to add at least 2-3 more servings into my diet. As we all know food, quality food that is, can be very costly. I’m kind of happy that fast food prices are skyrocketing.  It puts me in a position to decide if I’d rather spend nearly $10 dollars on a couple of items from the supermarket to make an entire, balanced meal than to purchase a crappy meal from McDonald’s or some other fast food chain.  It’s a matter of budgeting and setting your portion throughout the day and the next. I’d recommend buying fresh fruit every two days ( a nice, personal amount) so that your produce won’t spoil on you.   So- What is my favorite workout out of all thus far? It’s a tie between Plyometrics and KenpoX. KenpoX is EXTREMELY challenging. I look forward to the day when I won’t need a rest in between workouts!

As for doing pull-ups, I have not incorporated these into my workout as of yet. They are optional, however I plan on purchasing a pull-up bar within the next week or two for phase 2 (week 4) . I’ve never done a pull up in my LIFE!!! I am excited to push myself to do the unthinkable! Ab Ripper X is …well…it rips!! Still have an issue with the very last movement on the dvd ( I don’t remember the name of it). Considering the fact that I’ve never done workouts like these before, I am doing pretty well!

I choose different times to work out as I haven’t found a time to stick to. Today I will begin keeping a log of what I eat and my activity (movement and workouts).  The eating logging reminds me of Weight Watchers, but it seems the core focus in P90x is strength training combined with healthy eating.

In conclusion, I’d like to say thank you to those who are supporting me during this movement as it truly means a lot to me. I will discuss within my next post an extended reasoning of my gratitude.