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Stay Focused (Inspiration Brown)How is everyone?  I hope you all are doing well. Lately I’ve been experiencing an array of emotions. I’ve been dreaming, seeing visions and “hearing between the lines.” It’s a matter of embracing the growth that comes with newness and elevation.  How many of us truly understand that yesterday is gone and truly gone? I’ve come to  a point subconsciously making the decision to be radical and bold in all that I do. What’s the catch? Being radical doesn’t mean to tackle everything that comes your direction. Being radical demands isolation for preparation. Being radical opens your eyes to what’s ahead in the “unknown.” Being radical includes MANY admirers but few friends. What are your goals? How do you feel about the direction your life is going? How important is God to you? How far are you willing to go for your purpose?

The smaller the road, the fewer that can fit…