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Some may believe the meanings of life must be grand or groundbreaking to be determined as such. I’ve found throughout my life, there are so many sights to embrace as meaningful moments. It is not until now in my 20s I realize that I am not only a part of this meaning, but I am entitled to it because I am a Child of God. The birds, sky, the laughter of my mother’s voice, the sounds of music, children’s voices, a powerful hymn, the amazing scatting by Billie Holiday, a moment traveling down the busy streets of New York City, the mesmerizing winter scenery in Switzerland, the festive streets of Italy, am exceptional homemade meal in Prague, Czech Republic. Then there’s the listening to the incredible, mind stimulating flow of  Nas or modern day artist (RIP) Capital Steez or even the peaceful harmonies of Sade. I remember the biggest feeling  ever in my childhood years;  receiving the award for Best Art Student. That award may stirred the creativity that lives within me today! Random moments produce inspiring memories. Sometimes it’s good to take a moment to reflect on the smaller occurrences.  Have an EXCELLENT week! How? Live a meaningful life with God as the center. Take a deeper look at your path and experiences. How are they meaningful?  I welcome you to feel free to leave your answers below or anonymously at inspirations@cheszerae.com.(smiles)