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Good morning Brown Elite Loves. Been away for some time and it’s time for a refreshed approach in general areas of life. Since being away from social networking sites, I’ve faced revelations and uncertainties, ups, downs and favor. I find that development and maturity is a never-ending process. No matter how old or young, you will see life take unexpected courses; however God gives us the strength to move forward and face such things. I also learned that it is easy to play victim and blame others for things that don’t work out in your favor. But, is it worth the latter consequences you will inherit due to “blaming others?” I am firm believer in being very transparent with those I love and respect. From my Brown Elite Loves to new connections, I tell you, I’ve played that role many times in my life. I advise that we all repent, respect and move on. Blaming yourself for things is just as bad as blaming others. As I sit in a busy cafe this morning, I post an honest and wholehearted post to all! We may have heard these same words 100 times, but applying it to our personal hidden motives and “closets” ultimately reveals if we’ve embraced forgiveness of self, others and doing away with idle blame. Have an EXCELLENT day!

The Pretty Producer