Not your average American: Many people assumed that I went to France to see all the typical tourist sites, to try the most popular restaurants, etc. My goal was to interact with the people I had the pleasure of spending time with, to breathe new air, to visually experience the vintage structures of each city, to find a part of me that was missing, to be a blessing to those I was unknowingly assigned to, to learn from my mistakes, to increase my accountability and to establish an annual travel experience without depending or over-explaining to others. I recall different opinions that were made before my departure: “I wouldn’t travel that far ‘alone.’ It’s dangerous. It’s this, it’s that…” My take: I don’t live for others. If I did, I’d never experience over 80% of the things during the first quarter of my lifetime. I have no regrets. My life is precious and rare. Brown Elite Loves: Even through imperfections, there is beauty. Even through your mishaps, God’s grace is alive and eternal. Recently, I heard a woman say the most profound thing after sharing her amazing testimony that I desperately needed to hear in NYC: “The biggest battle is here [the mind].” God always speaks to the just and unjust. Are you listening?South France