Have an EXCELLENT day my Brown Elite Loves. I decided to revive my blog as I have not updated it since last year. Allow me to reintroduce myself and why I decided to return to blog world.  Ready? Okay!!


I am ChesZeraeEntertainer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Doctoral Student. I recently took my 20 something years of living in my native place I once was so familiar with – New York City, 4 bags, my dog and $12o cash and made a drastic life changing decision. I moved to Chicago.  I am not quite sure if there are any words that can explain the feeling of doing such a thing! I will be sure to inform you all about my progress and eventful time in another big city.

New and familiar friends: I appreciate you and may God Bless you all!  Feel free to introduce yourselves as well. I am a BIG social bubble lady. I am very supportive and am pretty personable! Have an EXCELLENT day/night/afternoon no matter where you are in the world! I am thankful. You are beautiful. When you rise, I rise.

 This is the last day of 2015! Are you ready to cross over into the unknown?I believe you can control some parts of your “unknown” by activating your faith.  Speak great things into existence.  You don’t have to make the same mistakes like last year.  God gives us free will to use wisely and with Him in mind as primary consideration.  That is how you live freely released from the things that held you back!
I don’t anticipate being active in conversation and social media as much between today and Jan 3. my Brown Elite Loves (I will explain the meaning later)! I will be sure to post a Happy New Year “toast” to all!  Blood, sweat, prayers, tears- They’re all of a part of the greatness you’re dreaming about. Put it into action. As many times as I wanted to give up, I was reminded that other people’s blood can be on my hands. If I stop pursuing and establishing, somebody does not make it. If someone who holds a vital part of my destiny in their hands and decides quit, I am affected.  So you see? Our destinies are like domino effects.  Don’t stop living! Take this last day of the year to prepare for bigger and better. I love you all! 
Stay tuned!
Cheszerae : )