Who is ChesZerae?

12359867_944401854768_6325621907036699391_nChesZerae is an “out of the box”  Singer, Doctoral Student, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and International Big Sister who loves life to the fullest. She is a proud Harlem, New York City Native to a Chicago, Illinois transplant who touches the world by masses!

This blog is dedicated to God ( He will provide insight and strength), My mother Pastor RL Emanuel, my Brown Elite Loves ( Who show admiration and incomparable support), and my future friends and complete strangers ( who will tune into my blog, leaving with a renewed mindset).

Have an EXCELLENT year of 2016!!!




January 2016: ChesZerae is not currently working on her  Album, 444.

To hear her music,


3 thoughts on “Who is ChesZerae?”

  1. You are hot. Wow

  2. Dear ChesZerae, thank you for sharing your melodic aura with the world! May all your dreams come true. And thanks too for liking what I do 🙂 Have an amazing day. Michele

  3. No man shall be able to stand against you. Just be yourself and never fear to make a bold step that would impact your positively.

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