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Special YOU

I  guess to recap, I’ve accomplished some of my goals as I am conducting my project.  I am so tired ( a good tired) today.  It’s because I had a spa bath and a nice dinner, lol.  I hope you guys/gals are doing well today. 

Today’s Scripture:

Proverbs 11 Entire Chapter

I think it’s great to stay in Proverbs.  We know this world lacks a lot of wisdom.  Many believe educational papers solve their problems or believe it acts as a protective covering from being labeled as  “foolish.” A degree doesn’t make you better than the next person.  I know so many “scholars”  who lack common sense and wisdom. I even have some family members that way.  Now I am not offending those who will and have earned their degrees.  I have mine in History and Poly Sci.  I am saying your studies continue beyond the secular academic realm.  It is imperative that you seek wisdom in all that you do. Knowing every book or every stock status doesn’t make you intelligent.  It only means you are knowledgable in those specific areas, but it is not guaranteed you have the armor on to take on life’s adventures, struggles and turns.  Keep reading Proverbs along with me, and we will learn together.  

Tomorrow I start a new job : ) , so I will write tomorrow.  I pray that you all will have a beautiful week!

Thank you again for your faithful reading,