Something pretty powerful I’ve come across that I’d like to share with my Brown Elite Loves of all ages!: I don’t believe we are meant to stay comfortable during several increments and phases of our lives. I’ve learned (this year particularly) that I LOVE and I mean LOVE beautiful things, work activities, decor, people, places and moments, but I now recognize when God/Yahweh wants to to give you bigger and better, you must change with the season and be willing to receive an upgrade– Pretty fast might I say, too. Sacrifice hurts for a small moment. Saying goodbye hurts for a small moment. Trading in appears to be a painful agreement, but it’s all for the better. So, I say this on the fourth day of November 2014- I am willing to shed a temporary tear, to be uncomfortable, to adjust to a mini roller coaster ride from time to time, detach from things, places and people to receive the the maximum potential in my life. Honesty can hurt , but don’t take the following quote lightly: “The truth will set you free.” Stop holding on to a lighter when you were born to be obedient to Him and carry a torch. Amen.

Wisconsin Dells